Michael Ray Band

Michael Ray Band

July 28, 2022

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Music has always been a part of Michael Ray’s life. He started playing the harmonica at age 8. By 12, he was playing the guitar. The blues were always his style of choice, but his interest in hip-hop led him to release a rap album while still in high school. These days, he’s back to the blues and fostering a local draw. He released his second EP—and first studio record—”Dope” in 2017 at the Torch Club.
The Dope EP is a mostly stripped-down version of Ray’s bluesy sound. His prior release, Live at the Old I, was a live recording with only him and his guitar. Dope has some instruments layered in, but it’s still quite low-key, with an unexpectedly upbeat sound. Despite the darkness of the lyrics, there’s a punchy pop energy behind Ray’s intimate guitar-strumming style and conversational singing.Get Tickets